Body & Soul

The Goal

Our goal is to provide a quality education in the massage and bodywork field. We provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for students to learn, grow, and have their questions answered. Our philosophy is that our way is not the only way, but rather a foundation for students to build upon. Small class sizes provide the opportunity for personalized attention and growth as each student explores many of the modalities of massage therapy.

Our concern is for you to feel that you have achieved your own personal and professional goals by coming to Body & Soul Massage School. Our staff recognizes that the learning experience is different for everyone and works with each individual to develop and attain their goals. We hope this profession will enrich your own life as well as the lives of your families, friends, and future clients.


Body & Soul School History and Ownership

In 1995, Jennifer Gillispie received her first massage from Janna Akins and was inspired to embark on her path in the holistic health field. In December of 2003, they came together once again with the idea to share their education and years of experience in massage therapy with others.

Janna and Jennifer had a common vision and dream to create a massage school. They knew they wanted a school that offered a holistic approach that included energy work as well as manual therapy, a small class size that had a personal feel, and a curriculum that would be unique to this area. Over the course of the next 6 months, they worked with the Kansas Board of Regents to develop a certified school. By November of 2004, Janna and Jennifer were the proud owners of Wichita’s Body and Soul Massage School.

Unwind & Relax

Treat Your Body & Soul to a Massage by a Trained Therapist

Body & Soul Massage was opened November 1, 1999 (on a hope and a prayer) with just two therapists. Since then, the staff has grown to six massage therapists.

Body and Soul wanted a warm, relaxing and safe environment for clients, nothing clinical or fast paced. People comment all the time that they feel as if they are coming to someone’s home for a visit when they walk in.

The therapists at Body and Soul also believe that the soul is as important as the body when being treated. To achieve that, you have to have the right people as well as the right environment.

Body & Soul does many different modalities of natural practices and has the perfect to place to be able to treat each client according to their needs.

Body & Soul Massage Center continues the same beneficial works that were started in 1999 and has expanded, not just in therapists, but in the styles and techniques of massages that are offered and will continue to provide clients the best treatments Wichita has to offer.