A. We encourage everyone who is interested in this field to look up information on massage therapy (and specifically the courses offered at our school)  to learn more about this field. Also, we feel that students who come tour through the school and talk to our instructors about their questions feel more secure that this is the right path for them.
A. The school offers INTEREST FREE payment plans for the courses. Contact the school for all the different payment options available.  Since Body and Soul is a private school, financial aide is not available.
A. Your tuition covers the costs of all your books, a massage table, hand-outs, massage insurance for a year, massage sheets, oils, and lotions.
A. While we do not offer job placement, our bulletin board posts potential job opportunities in Wichita and the surrounding areas. When potential employers contact us wanting to hire massage therapists, we post it and then the rest is up to you to pursue it. The majority of our students have found jobs after completing the 150 hour Swedish Course and were working as massage therapists while completing their 500 hour Professional Program.
A. There is a national licensing exam that students may take upon completion of the 500 hour course, called the MBLEx exam, from the Federation of State Massage Therapy Board. The FSMTB website is www.fsmtb.org. Kansas does not require the MBLEx for licensure, but many states and cities do.
A. Yes.  Most states have a state license for you to work as a massage therapist.  Please check in with the state you are interested in. Kansas does not have a statewide license, but there are several individual cities within Kansas that do require you to register and obtain a city license. Kansas City area, Park City, Valley Center, and Wichita each have their own city licenses, to name a few. Please check with your city licensing department to see if your area requires a license for massage therapy.
A. We have highlighted some of the requirements here, but please look at the city ordinance for details. You can see the city ordinance by clicking on Massage Therapy Ordinance 3.55 Applicant must be at least 18 years of age, a lawful citizen or resident of the United States, have not been convicted of a felony within the last 5 years, and cannot be  a registered sex offender. Applicants must provide ONE of the following: Proof of passing the MBLEx exam -or- Proof of passing the NCTMB exam prior to Feb 1, 2015 -or- An official transcript showing the applicant has successfully completed a minimum of 500 instructor taught classroom hours within a recognized massage therapist school.
A. Each state is a little different in their requirements for a state license. Please check in with your state. The Wichita Massage Therapy Ordinance requires an applicant to complete a 500 hour massage course from an accredited institution.  The Wichita Massage Therapy Ordinance defines “accredited institution” as an “institution recognized by the Kansas Board of Regents to provide vocational, technical or post-secondary education in the state of Kansas.” Body and Soul Massage School is recognized and approved by the Kansas Board of Regents and therefore, falls under this definition of accredited institution.
A. Class sizes are limited to 14 students to ensure quality and private instruction in the massage therapy field..
A. Yes, we are a certified massage school through the Kansas Board of Regents.
A. The 500 hour Professional Program is a 6 month program. There are no clinical hours beyond the graduation date unless a student is making up missed class hours.
A. With proper body mechanics, the majority of your pressure comes from leverage by your torso and legs…not your hands.
A. This depends upon where you work. Some places provide you with all you need such as a massage table, lotion, and sheets.  If you are working as an independent contractor, you are required to provide all of your own supplies (room rent, massage table and sheets, room furnishings).  There will be costs involved for the MBLEx exam, license permit fees, and massage insurance.